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10 Best Gift ideas for Surfers

Soooooo.. You’ve got a new boyfriend or girlfriend that surfs and you want to impress them with a really cool gift, but you have no idea what to get them! Or maybe, your spouse is a surfer and you’re having trouble thinking of something they could use that they don’t already have… Whatever the situation I have a few legit solutions to your dilemma. I’ve been surfing for nearly 30 years now and these products below still get me excited!


#1 Surfboard Storage Rack: 

What surfer wouldn’t be stoked to open this gift up?! The racks are adjustable to accommodate different size boards and they are padded. Perfect for the garage or (if you have a really cool chic) somewhere in the house. Surf racks are awesome, they will love em!



#2 Wetsuit Changing Mat:

Every surfer needs one of these. Well, every surfer that has to put a wetsuit on I guess. The changing mat not only protects your wetsuit from the dirt and rocks (and your feet I guess), but also protects your car from all that mud and salt water. The bag cinches up into a sweet little dry bag. If you buy this make sure to get the next product on my list, the Changing Poncho, which is shown in the image above.



#3 Wetsuit Changing Poncho:

Say goodbye to flashing bystanders with a towel slip (nobody wants to see your white ass). These ponchos make it extremely easy to slip into and out of your wetsuit without worrying about your towel holding up. Best of all they second as a towel too so you’re nice and toasty after a cold session. And it’s machine washable too!



#4 Soft Racks for car:

Even if they have a truck and you’re thinking “they don’t need these”, trust me they WILL come in handy. They are great to pack in your suitcase for surf trips as well. The rental car companies do not provide them in most cases and sometimes that truck or SUV you reserved isn’t available (not when you book through us of course), you’ll be very thankful you packed these in that case! They hold up to 6 shortboards and up to 4 longboards so for most surf trips just one set will cover the entire group. They come in a handy carrying case too so easy to pack.



#5 Wet/Dry Backpack:

This may look like your ordinary backpack, but I assure you it’s not. This backpack was made for surfers and any other water sport. There is a wet/dry compartment built into it where you can store your wet board shorts, bikini, vest, or whatever else without soaking your backpack! It also sports a fleece lined sunglass pocket, and skateboard carry straps. I’m definitely a backpack guy, and would be stoked to get a new one as a gift any day.



#6 Portable Shower Rinse/Kit:

I can’t describe the pure satisfaction of showering off with warm water after a chilly surf session! Not only does it feel great but it leaves you fresh and clean. You can put 2 gallons of hot or cold water in it. It’s pressurized, which is awesome, and it comes with a nozzle that has 7 different settings. It fits nicely in the back of the car, truck or suv. All their friends will be jealous trust me.



#7 Key Lock Box:

This is hands down the safest way to hide your key while you’re out surfing. Every surfer has a story of when their key (or their friends in my case) slipped out of their wetsuit pocket… That sucks… Like really sucks. Especially when it’s freezing out and you’re in a wetsuit. And this is a 1,000 times better then hiding your key and hoping a thief wasn’t watching. There’s plenty of those stories as well. Bottom line, this is a must have!



#8 Rip Curl Tide Watch:

Surfers constantly need to know the tides and this watch from Rip Curl makes it extra convenient! It’s also nice to be able to have it in the water to track the changing tide. Every surfer will smile after opening this gift guaranteed. Did I mention it’s water resistant up to 330ft as well? Comes in several different colors too if your surfer prefers a little more flashy.



#9 DJI Mavic Pro Drone:

Want to make a surfer happy? Stick a drone in his hands and let him play around a bit at the beach. AND you both can use it on your vacations for selfies and scenery shots. The coolest feature is it folds down to the size of a water bottle which makes it a breeze to pack and transport. It has a 4k camera as well, so great quality. This is one of the best drones on the market so can’t go wrong.



#10 Pickle Wax Remover:

Let’s bring it back down to earth with something a little easier on your pocket book. One thing you can always be sure of with a surfer is that they put wax on and they take wax off. Just scraping the wax off before a new coat leaves the board looking crappy, so personally I like using a wax remover to get all of that wax/sand combo off my white deck and then apply a fresh coat of wax. I’ve heard it helps with punt height too…hehe.


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