Playa Colorados, Nicaragua

Playa Colorado Surfing

Surfing Southern Nicaragua RivieraThe surf at Playa Colorado Beach is WORLD CLASS.

Since this beach and surf is only accessible to the guests and owners at Hacienda Iguana Development or by the few lucky surfers who pay to get dropped off by boat, it remains pristine and unspoiled.
This 1 1/2 mile private beach at Hacienda Iguana offers a variety of surf spots including reef and many sandbars up and down the beach.   This gives each surfer with their own abilities the option to find their special wave and have fun on any given day.
Playa Colorado is one of the most consistent waves in the area that offers surfing all year long.  The surf is the biggest and best during the Spring, Summer and beginning of Fall months (March-October).  During this time the south swells are the strongest and the water and weather temperatures are always warm.

Playa Colorado beach is great for families, surfers and beach lovers alike.  If the surf is too big and more hollow than you prefer you can take a 15 minute walk up the beach and find more playful waves at Panga Drops.  Panga Drops is a good peak that offers long lefts and rights making it suitable for surfers of all levels.

We have many activities, and are dedicated to provide you with excellent service, so please read about them in the full description below.

Travel Packages & Rates

Surfing Travel PackagesAll of our guests can enjoy the private beach club, beachfront swimming pool, bar and small snack bar.  If the surf is small or you want to do something different, we also have a wonderful golf course on the grounds.

It is very well maintained and in perfect condition. Club rentals and golf carts are also available to rent.

Nica X-Treme also has a variety of off-site activities and tours.  Our drivers speak English and will guide you around the countryside to visit volcanoes, zip-lining, sailboat tours, horseback riding, etc ….

TRAVEL SERVICES and PACKAGES – Today’s traveler is budget minded, we will put together a package that will fit your needs.  We have over 20 properties that consist of homes and condominiums with all difference levels of pricing.  All these homes and condos are in the secure and save development of Hacienda Iguana, home of the world famous Playa Colorado.

ALL INCLUSIVE TRAVEL PLANS – All of our services can be all-inclusive or you may pick and choose what accommodations or activities/tours you would like to do.   We will put together a package to fit all your needs. Some of our travel and vacation plans are:

  • * NEW * – RED CARPET PACKAGE  – you will not find a better all inclusive package that provides everything you could imagine for a surf trip, world class waves, motorcycles, first class accommodations overlooking the surf, surf boats and fishing, first class food, massages. Price starting from $1100/pp per week.
  • EXCLUSIVE and PREMIUM PACKAGES  – from $1000/pp for 6 nights, 7 days. Packages offers round trip transportation  and from the airport, private luxury accommodations, private cook (all groceries included), motorcycle rentals (for all people in your group) and 3 boat trips to surf world class reefs and point breaks.
  • CONDOMINIUMS RENTALS – from $90 to $230 per night.  Our beach front homes range from $300 to $600 per night depending on where you would be staying within the development.  Prices vary between location, number of bedrooms and the size of the group. We also offer accommodations that include back up power in case of a power outages, which is common in Nicaragua …
  • SURF COSTA RICA AND NICARAGUA – All-inclusive two-country surf tour. Your trip begins with six days and five nights in beautiful Costa Rica and ends with six days and five nights in wonderful Nicaragua.

Nica X-Treme Adventures would like to offer all traveling surfers and families the chance to experience the wonderful, safe country of Nicaragua.



Home & Condo Rentals

We are proud to announce the newly constructed Nica X-Treme Beach House is now available for our guests. This 3500 sq ft all-inclusive home provides 4 private casitas with there own bathrooms (2 beds per casita), swimming pool, outdoor showers, large kitchen/dining/ living room area for guests to enjoy, 65″ big screen TV with movie channels thru SKY Satellite network, super hi speed wifi internet 5 gig, surfboard racks, back gate to beach access, 30 sec walk to beach, beach club / beach bar and the surf of Playa Colorado’s. See the DROID video above of the home.

Contact us for rates or customized packages, you can call us direct at 858-222-4990 or e-mail us

We also have a private in-house chef on staff who will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner to our guests.

We will provide all the groceries for the 3 high end meals which will include: Fresh Lobster, Fish and Shrimp that are caught daily with the local fishermen, Fillet Mignon, all sides and salads, breakfasts are fresh fruit plates, fresh squeezed juices, eggs, bacon, pancakes, yogurts, granola etc.. Every day is something different.

Real Estate Nicaragua Golf CourseRIO DULCE CONDOMINIUMS
16 units overlooking the river mouth waves @ Playa Colorado that are directly in front of the building. You can watch the waves peel across the ocean from your own private balcony. These units are nice, clean and very comfortable.

There are tile and marble floors in all the units. We offer 2, 3 & 4 bedrooms condos that are very spacious with 24-hour security and maid service. All units have a full kitchen, high pressure hot water showers, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi internet and air conditioning. Rio Dulce is the only building equipped with a back-up generator which will provide power if needed in case of a power outage. Power outages are frequent throughout Nicaragua.

Rio Dulce guests are also welcome to use the private beach club on the beach. The beach club has a swimming pool, bar and small snack bar/restaurant.

Forget staying in other condos or houses that require you to walk or drive a long way to the actual surf break. You can sit on the couch and see what is going on in the water!

Rio Dulce Condo Rates:

Surf Season (March-September)

  • $170/night – 1-2 people
  • $200/night – 3-4 people
  •  $230/night – 5-6 people

Regular Season (October-February)

  • $150/night – 1-2 people
  • $180/night – 3-4 people
  • $210/night – 5-6 people

Easter and Xmas Holidays Add $100 per night. 

NOTE: Please contact us for pricing if you have more than 6 people.  Add 25% for all Holiday bookings.


Meals Our meal plan consists of only the freshest ingredients daily,  You will start your day with your own private cook in your kitchen.

Price per person:
$35 per day
Children under 10 years of age:
$15 per day

We have found our meal packages will be one of the highlights of your stay since we provide only the highest quality of fresh food, meat and seafood.  Our previous guests have all raved and expressed their satisfaction about our Nicaraguan style meals.

Our meal plan includes all the groceries and the cook.

On your way to Hacienda Iguana from the airport we will have our driver stop at a major grocery store in order for you to purchase any in-between meal snacks, drinks, alcohol or any other items you may need.  Please be aware the major stores and any ATM machines are approximately 1 hour away, so stock up on drinks, beer, snacks and cash you will need to during your stay.

Activities & Tours

Nica X-Treme Adventures offers a variety of tours and activities for families and traveling surfers alikHowler Monkeye.

We also provide many other things to do while on your vacation here in Nicaragua.

All of our tour guides are bi-lingual and will provide you the history of Nicaragua on all tours you participate in.

We have many activities, and are dedicated to provide you with excellent service, so we have prepared a little directory of places to visit. To view our services in pdf, click Nica X-Treme Adventures and/or download Nica X-Treme Adventures to your desktop for later use.

Some of our services include but not limited to the following:

  • Boat Charters – Cruising the coastline, Surf tours, Fishing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving
  •  Sailboat Charters – many options to choose from including Surfing, Fishing and Snorkeling
  • Watch the sunset while on the Mai Tai Sail Cruise  (All the Mai Tais you can drink, appetizers, Approx 3 hour sail)
  • Motorcycle Rentals
  • Surf Lessons and Surfboard Rentals, Coaching and Guide Service
  • Photography and Video Sessions
  • Transportation to and from Airport, to restaurants in area, Surf Breaks etc…
  • Massage Service
  • Yoga Classes
  • Horseback Riding on the Beach
  • Guided Tours
  • Zip- Lining, Waterfall and Volcano Tours
  • Granada, San Juan del Sur and Ometepe Island Tours
  • Rappelling down Monkeys Cliff.  A must for Adrenaline Junkies
  • One day Costa Rica Tour ( White Water Rafting, Zip-Lining, Rappel down Waterfalls, Mud Baths, Full Lunch, Horseback Riding all packed in a 1 day adventure)

All of our services can be all-inclusive or you may pick and choose what accommodations or activities/tours you would like to do.  We will put together a package to fit all your needs.



Playa Colorado TransportationWe will be waiting for you in one of our air-conditioned cars or vans.

Once you clear customs our driver will help you load your things and strap down your boards.  The drive to Hacienda Iguana will take approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Since there are no major grocery stores or ATM’s within 45 minutes of where you are staying we will have our driver stop at a grocery store along the way.  When you get to the store you can purchase any items you may need upon arrival such as beverages, food, snacks, etc…Also make sure you bring plenty of cash for your accommodations and for any activities you may want to do.

If you want to take a trip outside of Hacienda Iguana we can arrange a knowledgeable driver to take you to the neighboring beaches, different surf spots, cultural areas and communities in the area.  We also have a fleet of Enduro Motorcycles you can rent and take off to check the southern Nicaraguan coastline and local fishing villages.

There are many incredible, natural and cultural sights to see if you feel like venturing outside the resort.  Check out the night volcano lava tours, hike the volcanoes and waterfalls in the Island of Ometepe (located on Lake Nicaragua), see amazing wildlife, visit historical towns for shopping, sightseeing and so much more. We will handle all of your transportation with bi-lingual drivers who will give you the history of Nicaragua.

Southern Nicaragua Surf Breaks and Spots

Nicaragua has some of the best surf spots and breaks in the Pacific and still remains largely unknown (and most important, uncrowded) to most of the surfing community. The country claims fame to one of a longest surfing season lasting for about nine out of 12 months. The country is famed for its swells in reef breaks and sandbars.


Surfing Playa Colorado

Surfing Playa Colorado

Colorados is a very fun beach break. The beach break extends a couple hundred yards and the line up is usually spread out. In the best conditions, there are offshore split peak barrels up and down the beach. It is frequently good, with lots of barrels.

Panga Drops has two split peaks that break on a rock reef. The peaks can be shifty and it takes a lot of paddling to get in the right spot on bigger days but the good waves are well worth it. There are always waves at Panga Drops year around. It picks up a lot of swell.

Playa Escondida is a heavy left that only breaks when it’s big.
Rosada is a killer little mini-left point breakt.  It is best surfed on a low tide. The quick lefts break along shallow non-forgiving rocks.  Not that many people surf it.

Santana is a quality left-wedge. When Santana fires, the left wedges make for great barrels. There is also fun beach break for a couple hundred yards down the beach. There are a lot of local surfers that surf Santana and also quite a few gringos. It needs a little tide to work.

Popoyo Outer Reef

Popoyo Outer Reef

Popoyo is a good split peak reef break. The wave can get really good and barreling with a long face to do turns. Popoyo needs a little tide.

Popoyo Beach Break is a Kirra like right hand beach break that gets really insane.

Astillero Beach Break is a killer little beach break with mostly rights that is super rippable with nice little barrels.

Lance’s Left is a really friendly long wave.  It is great for longboarding and funboards. It actually gets really rippable for shortboarding also. On bigger days, it becomes a little more of an advanced wave and can have some barreling sections. Surfers also arrive by parking in the neighboring fishermen village and walk over. Lance’s is usually consistent with lots of waves for everyone.

Chacocente is a long stretch of beach with nice sand bars and some rocks. This place can get really good and is rarely crowded. There are a lot of barrels to be had on good days. It is a turtle reserve so while the turtles are laying their eggs, it’s prohibited to surf there.

“Playgrounds” or Veracruz has a beautiful cobblestone setup, similar to Lowers, Trestles in Southern California. This wave is called Playgrounds for a reason. It is like surfing a skate park, with split peak ramps and barrels. Veracruz is right up there for one of the best breaks in the Nicaragua.

Manzanillo is a quality left-hand point point break.  When the break reaches it’s full potential, it’s one of the best waves Nicaragua has to offer. Even on mediocre days, it is a very fun wave. The long lefts hug the beautiful cliff and race across the shallow rocks. It is a magical place to surf. It is best to surf Manzanillo on a mid-tide.

Windmills is a great wave for beginner to intermediate surfers. Not that many people surf here. It is perfect for groups wanting to surf by themselves.

Maderas is a beach break that can get really fun, accompanied with a hefty left-hand point break Machete.  Machete can get heavy with powerful barreling waves. This is the beach all the people from San Juan hang out at and learn to surf, etc. It can be a zoo.

Remanso is another wave that is great for beginning to intermediate surfers. Rights and Lefts roll in perfect for longboarding and funboards. The bottom is reef and rock.

Tamarindo is a cool little bay with a left on the north side of the beach and a right on the south side. The bottom is reef rock. The crowds are pretty mellow. It is a beautiful set up and a good wave.

Hermosa has an awesome set up and some really good waves. Similar to Tamarindo, it’s a cove with rights and lefts that break on shallow reef rock. There is a hostel and restaurant there now and it has become a really popular place to hang out for the San Juan crowd.

Playa Yankee is a stunningly beautiful mile-long beach blessed with a world-class left wedge on the south side of the beach. The way the reef is set up it creates a perfect left wedge that breaks across sand bottom with rocks on the inside. For the left to work, it needs a mid to high tide. Yankee is one of the best waves in Southern Nicaragua hands down. Down the beach there are beach break peaks that are good for beginners on the smaller days. On the north side of the beach, on low tide the right point can get Kirra like, really good and barreling. It is also bottom with scattered rocks.


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